Born to lose, live to win.

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Here's the deal: art, reviews, random posts etc will be public.
Actual journal posts (as rare as they will be) will be friends only.

I'll add most if we have something in common at least or if we get on.

(I had my previous journal for 5 years, I made this to start over).

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*waves* My actual journal posts are also rare but I still like to nose around my F-list :)

That was like me x___x I'm trying to keep it up this time!

lala, you were on 'off the high street' declaring love for nevermore :)
mind if i add you? x

I know it's not exactly a place you'd see someone saying it! :p
That's fine, I'll add you back. It's nice to meet people with good music taste


New fashion community, would love you to join. :]

Sorry if this wasnt wanted :[

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